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Corrugation Rolls

Basic Info

Certification:ISO9001: 2000Thinkness of Chilled Layer:From6 to 25mm
Pressure Test:10 to 20kg, Keep 15 to 30 MinutesStyle:Cored, Drilled, Assembly, Corrugation
Surface Finished:Ra1.6 to Ra0.2Working Diameter:From 250 to 930mm
Hardness:Hs72+/-2Material:Chilled Cast Iron
Working Length:From 610 to 6000mmType:General Rubber Machinery
Type of General Rubber Machinery:Mixing RollTrademark:DPR
Specification:ASTM, DIN, GBOrigin:Changzhou China
HS Code:84779000

We are supplying chilled cast iron rolls for rubber industry, plastics industry, paper industry and other industries. The rolls are made of special cast iron. The working surface of the rolls is chilled cast, forming a very hard and excellent wear-resistant shell. We are supplying rolls cored, drilled, or assembled. The rolls can be supplied as casting, or as wholly machined ones including turning, grinding, drilling. Keyway cutting, thread taping etc. The working surface of the rolls can be ground cylindrically or crownedly. We are making groove rolls as well. We are using either the ordinary gravity pouring process or the centrifugal pouring process, or a combination of both processes. Customers are free to choose which process they prefer. The centrifugal pouring process for big size rolls is a recently developed pouring process. The notable advantages of the rolls made by centrifugal pouring process vs rolls made by ordinary gravity pouring process are as follows:

The chilled cast shell and the inner part of the rolls can be poured separately. Thus different composition of iron for the shell and for the inner part can be chosen freely according to different requirements.
The thickness and the hardness of the chilled cast shell can be controlled more precisely and uniformly.
The molten iron is condensed under the centrifugal force. The surface of the shell is free from porosity, sand hole, slag inclusion, or other casting defects.

When the roll is made by ordinary gravity pouring process, there is always a layer of mottled iron formed between the white iron(chilled cast iron) and the gray cast iron. When a drilled roll is used, this mottled cast iron layer always makes the drilling very difficult. When the roll is made by centrifugal pouring process, there is no mottled iron layer formed at all. The mottled iron layer problem no longer exists. The drilling can be done easily and precisely.
. When proper materials are used and centrifugal pouring process is adopted, the hardness of the chilled cast shell can hold as high as HS 74+/-2. The tensile strength of the roll can reach as high as 250 MPa. The working life of the roll made by centrifugal pouring process would be three to five times the working life of the rolls made by ordinary gravity pouring process.

The sizes of rolls we are supplying are:
(Diameter X Working Length in mm):
305x760; 360x1500; 400x1000; 450x1200; 480x800-1500; 510x800-1600; 550x1500; 560x1530-2000; 610x1730-2500 650x2130; 660x2130-3000; 700x2500-3500; 800x2500-4000; 930x2500-4000;

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