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Embossing machine what skills in the operation of it

Embossing machine before operation to carefully read the instructions, the operation must pay attention to safety, at the same time, Xiaobian also for everyone finishing the embossing machine in operation skills.

1, use before the inspection of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil height under the base of 2 / 3 of the height, the lack of oil should be promptly added, before hydraulic machine spent liquid injection must be fine filtration. Adding pure 20# hydraulic oil in the oil injecting hole under the base of, oil level height by oil benchmark that, added to the average frame of 2 / 3 of the height.

2, check the cylinder shaft and the guide frame of the lubrication between the time to maintain good lubrication.

3, the power supply is switched on, will operate the handle to move to a vertical position, the oil return port closed, pressing the motor start button, from the oil pump oil into the cylinder, driven the rise of the plunger, when after the closure of the hot plate, oil pump to supply oil, make oil pressure rise to the rated value (14.5mpa) press board remember, stop button, the machine in stop holding pressure (i.e., timed sulfide) state, achieve the curing time, the handle is moved so that the plunger mold decreased.

4, hot plate temperature control: closed rotating button SA1, flat heat, wood embossing machine manufacturers when the temperature of the plate reaches the preset value automatically stops heating. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the temperature is automatically heated and the temperature is always in the setting value.

5, vulcanizing machine motion control: according to the motor start button SB2, AC contactor is electrified, oil pump, when the pressure reaches the setting value is AC contactor disconnect, began to automatically record the curing time, when the pressure drop of oil pump motor start automatic pressure compensation, and to set the vulcanization time, buzzer chirping, told vulcanization time has been to, can mold, pressing the buzzer stop button and move the manual operation valve plate down, for the next cycle.