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Embossing roller maintenance skills, you should know

To ensure that the embossing roller surface pattern, usually takes the embossing roller for cleaning process as in the use of pickling, the organics to oil, to ensure that the surface is clean without pollution. Mechanical blast treatment is usually one of the methods to improve the effectiveness of the method. By sandblasting treatment increased the embossing roll surface roughness, can make the adhesive interface surface area increased by several times or even dozens of times, a corresponding increase in the surface pattern and embossing roll with force. Sandblasting the surface will cause the uneven surface of the embossing roller to improve bonding strength.

There is a should be kept dry to prevent the rust embossing roll again. Especially in the summer in the air water branch in the well to the roller surface to form a layer of water film lead rust embossing roller. Usually embossing roll maintenance is also very important, especially the surface pattern, should pay attention to the timely liquidation, prevent dirt blocking lines, clean, pay attention to the use of specific tools, do not use brute force, be careful in accordance with the direction of the pattern carefully cleaned.