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Hot Dog Roller with CE Certificate Stainless Steel

Basic Info

Product Description

R2 series stainless steel drum-type sausage machine is to absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad designed. Fashionable, reasonable structure, convenient operation, heating up fast, and non-stick spray Long Foote layer on the drum, clean, convenient and more energy-saving features, the grilled sausage special equipment.
Sausage machine all stainless steel products; high-performance motor, high-quality electric tube, reliable temperature control; heating, insulation stepless regulation; energy-saving, safety, health, convenience.




1. If a power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or the maintenance department or similarly qualified personnel.
2. This device uses voltage must be the same supply voltage.
3. users need in the vicinity of plant equipment for power sockets and fuse, other lines should meet the safety requirements.
4. the electrical connection of the equipment, installation and maintenance, should be invited to hold a person certified electrician install.
5. the product does not use water jet cleaning.
6.The appliance must not flooding.


Instructions for use:


1. before the rotation of the drum must be used (both ends) of a small amount of edible vegetable oil, so that smooth rotation.
2. Turn on the power switch.
3. on the panel temperature switches are control groups drum (front four and later three), according to baking needs and the grilled number of sausage, choose a group or all of the temperature control switch, and adjusted to the desired temperature, corresponding heating indicator light, when it reaches the preset temperature, heating light is off, when the temperature is lower than the preset temperature, the heat indicator light, and begin heating. This cycle heating both energy and quality assurance barbecue.
4. Off: Turn off the power switch.


Cleaning and maintenance:

1. In the cleaning and maintenance should be cut off power to prevent accidents.
2. Do not use while cleaning metal utensils, only with a wooden spatula or a clean cloth soft material to prevent damage to the coating from the surface of the roller. Every day after work, use a soft material to clean the drum, keeping the machine aesthetic, hygiene.