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Introduction of relevant knowledge of embossing machine

Embossing machine is mainly used in various items need surface press pattern equipment, common need pressure pattern items are all kinds of leather, paper, cloth fabric, such as. According to different materials, different types of embossing machine, in the name of the function, there are certain differences. Here we do a brief introduction:

Leather embossing machine also called leather knurling machine, but the processing of landscaping kinds of leather animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys, kangaroos, fish, and ostrich,; LEATHERCLOTH with PVC artificial leather and Pu artificial leather; polyurethane synthetic leather.

The paper embossing machine, paper embossing machine market main way, have flat sheet type and drum type two main types.

Weave (cloth) embossing machine is mainly used for in a variety of woven material surface embossing, pressure bubble, crinkle, pressure marks etc., also can be in non-woven fabrics, coated, pressure marks, imitation leather pattern and various shades of the flower type and pattern. Here, embossing machine and embossing machine sounds, have confused feeling, is two kinds of different machines. Gin is a cotton processing machinery, is a kind of mechanical separation from the cotton lint out.