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Iron Roller

        The iron rollers which we produced can be divided into tape-type, aluminum alloy, curved, thread four type series, Iron Roller is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, paper, plastics, printing, packaging and other fields. The roller can make flattening process to the surface of paper, textiles, film and other materials.

The Stretching and flattening capability is unsuspectable and the force is unified to the substrate, use the soft way to flatten the substrate, make sure is not deformed.
When the roller is working the speed is high and do not make a lot of noise, It is safe and reliable.
Correction of static balance and dynamic balance.
We have four different series of iron roller can be choose from.

Our Advantages:
We have more than twenty years experience in iron roller production, with strong research and development capability, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, product quality, according to customers requirements to production of different size, different usage of the iron rollers.

If you need custom iron rollers, please provide the size(diameter, length) of the roller and other special requirements, and design drawings fax or Email to us. If you do not have design drawings, please contact us, we will provide you with professional solutions.

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