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Automatic Winding Machine Features And Speed Mode

Automatic winding machine features
Automatic winding machine is only in recent years developed new models, in order to adapt to the high efficiency, high output requirements, automatic models generally used long linkage design, domestic manufacturers are mostly reference to Taiwan importing models designed using the programmable controller as the control device, with the manipulator, pneumatic control components and accessories to complete the implementation of automatic wire, automatic foot binding, automatic thread trimmer, automatic loading and unloading the skeleton and other functions, this machine high efficiency type, greatly reducing the dependence on artificial, operations staff can take care of a few of these devices, the quality of production is relatively stable, very suitable for high production machining applications.

Automatic winding machine speed mode

In order to adapt to the process of the coil, you need to configure automatic winding machine spindle speed control function, winding equipment should distinguish between the type of processing its configuration is also different, more familiar types of spindle motors AC motors, DC motors, servo drives these three types of motors, speed motors used in these ways have their own characteristics, the following combination of routing equipment to talk in the device speed mode:

First, the AC motor speed control mode: These speed motor itself is not functional, it needs to be installed by the electromagnetic control devices or drive to achieve speed control function, the winding device is more common in our drive speed mode, the control system via the winding the motor drive control device having a speed function, this approach also has a role in energy conservation.

Second, the DC motor Speed mode: DC power conversion needs to supply direct current to drive the motor, so the DC motor speed control board is configured with DC or brushless drive motor to drive the control, due to the smaller motor in a small application of a large amount of winding equipment.

Third, the speed servo drive motor way: it is a precision moving parts for high-precision winding equipment, and supporting the use of dedicated drive to achieve closed-loop control operation, the biggest feature of these motors is constant torque, closed-loop operation, with to meet the processing requirements of high-precision coil.