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Calender Category

According to the roll surface profile, rolling pressure, temperature differences of soft, hard and wear
cloth roll combinations style, can be obtained differences calendering results.
Equipment for calendering can be attributed to popular calender, calender and conflict laminate calender.
(1) Popular calender: Popular consists of three ordinary calendering machine rolls. Roller constituting
the display of "soft - hard - soft" or both "hard - hard - soft."
Such equipment heated by steam, the temperature of the heating roller is 80 ~ 110 ℃.

(2) Conflict calender: Electromechanical conflict calender is composed of three rolls, the general was
"hard a soft and hard" display. Lower rollers made of cast iron,The roll is made from wood pulp or cotton.
 Most of the small roller quenching made of iron, also called conflict rolls. Above the pre-conflict
roller has a small wax rolls are capable of conditioning,Electrical contact with both the conflict roller
 able to leave.

When calendering tidy, hard-rolling fabric to Britain at the end point, and then Britain at the end of
conflict nips. Conflict roller line speed is greater than the fabric through the nip of speed,
The fabric before being polished conflict obtained results.

Conflict calender fit for twill lining cloth, plain weave cloth and yarn in tracing cloth calender tidy.
Britain at the end of the fabric tidy up before a strong aurora, very light,
Such as coated with a layer of wax.
(3) General calender: Five or more calender roll that is called universal calender. Since the display
style roller differences, differences in electricity use, tidy up the results of the electrical
There are several secondary environment:
① If the soft and hard rolls alternating display, is used for single-sided calendered fabric.
② If there are two middle soft roll adjacent display is used for double-sided calendering.
③ If only the above three rolls, you can use as a conflict calender.
④ If a group with 6 to 10 sets of guide roller guide cloth frame, is used to stack calendering.
Calendering the fabric laminate, the first to wear around the calender rolls week after the cloth
guide roller frame, and then repeated wear around each calender roll, predicament frequently wear
around 5 to 6 times,Wear around the more layers, the more tidy into the fabric feel soft.