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Calendering Machine Calender To Customer Satisfaction As The Standard

Calendering Machine The company is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in one of the production of rubber and plastic machinery of modern science and technology enterprises. The company has industry-leading level of production equipment and technology, testing and testing equipment, with a complete quality assurance system and reliable quality assurance capabilities, with experienced and powerful design team of engineering, can provide users with all kinds of rubber and plastics machinery Complete sets of project equipment, non-standard special equipment design and manufacturing.

   Calendering Machine The company is the production of rubber and plastics machinery industry leading enterprises, with many years of mechanical manufacturing history. The company is China's production of rubber and plastics machinery industry key export enterprises, many times was rated as rubber and plastic machinery industry export advanced units. The company is the vanguard of China's industrial enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprises.

The company mainly produces for the rubber, plastic processing industry, eight categories of machinery and equipment, respectively, rolling machine and auxiliary series, rolling machine series of open mill, mixing Lianqi series, drum vulcanizing machine series, filter extrusion machine Series, tube connector machine series, wide film extrusion rolling production line, recycled rubber production line equipment.

  Calendering Machine Produced by high-precision plastic calendar, open-type rubber (plastic) machine products sales and market share among the forefront of the country. The company developed its own high-precision plastic calendering machine, rubber tire rolling production line, the new radial steel wire waste tire renewable rubber production line, a new type of open plastic (plastic) machine, PVC artificial leather calendering machine, plastic film production line, and other products in the domestic technology Leading level.

Company uphold "to create a double as the brand as the goal, customer satisfaction as the standard to market demand-oriented, product development as the core" development strategy in domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation and reputation, trademark "double Like "was identified as" Jiangsu famous brand "title.

    Calendering Machine The company's products sell well throughout the country, and Shanghai Shuangqian Group, Guilin Rubber Design Institute, Jiangsu Hongdou Group, Triangle Group, Zhejiang double arrow rubber and other well-known domestic manufacturers, listed companies to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations and exports to the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Korea, India, Australia, more than 30 regions, and Japan Bridgestone, Japan Toyo Tire, Japan Yokohama, France Michelin, South Korea Kumho, India APOLLO, India PIDILITE, Dunlop, , Rolling machine is tires, TRELLEBORG, PIRELLI, and other well-known enterprises, multinational companies have good business cooperation.