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Cloth Embossing Machine Embossing Machine Is Introduced

The cloth is also called embossing embossing knurling production equipment mainly for cloth embossing machine and ultrasonic embossing machine. Cloth embossing machine (also known as cloth embossing machine, cloth roll flower machine, lace machine) is mainly used in the membrane cloth lines of repression, general application in the original cloth is whole roll of cloth pattern repression. In suppression principle generally use a three roller press (a pattern roller, two guide roller and a silicon rubber), by the guide roller guide cloth through the pattern and heat pressing patterns, in order to achieve a better suppression effect, its working principle in the wallpaper pattern pressing devices. Through the replacement of the pattern roller, to achieve the printing of different lines.

All kinds of artificial leather, PU, PVC, fabric and other can through this kind of cloth embossing machine for embossing processing and obtain excellent decorative effect. Such as denim suppression effect are as follows: cloth embossing machine uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation, the operation is simple, single acting, linkage can and chilled water cooling effect is better. The roll the cloth pressing lines. Through the adjustment of the pressure can be used to suppress different thickness and strength of the fabric. The cloth embossing machine patterns and specifications: diameter 150mm, length 1800mm (in actual use, the general will according to the fabric processing customized for the width of the corresponding cost and size).