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High Frequency Embossing Machine Troubleshooting

First, be sure of is that regardless of machine appear what kind of problem or in large fault inside the machine internal line will definitely not be a problem and then embossing machine down can be depending on the quality of the different step further investigation and accessories.

One, the head does not fall

The 1 slide plate did not touch the machine side of the trip switch. 2 fall time relay damage. 3 middle relay contact. 4 automatic switch has been closed state.

Two, the machine has a large current.

1 electron tube damage. 2 pole electrical resistance breakdown. 3 high voltage rectifier. 4 overcurrent resistance. 5 high voltage capacitor breakdown. 6 transformer damage. 7 spark protection system failure.

Three, the completion of the work program not to rise

1 air pressure. 2 rise time relay damage. 3 machine power automatic shutdown. 4 solenoid valve failure.

Four, the machine inside the fan does not rotate

1 machine panel above the power switch is not turned on. 2 low voltage transformer damage. 3 fan burn insurance. 4.220V power supply. 5 the zero line.

Five, electronic tubes do not shine

1 electron tube breakdown. 2 filament transformer breakdown. 3 filament transformer connected to the electronic pipe line is not good or bad contact. 4 electron tube filament above the screw loose.

Six, the mold does not stop ignition

1 breakdown of insulating material. 2 high frequency current is too large. 3 products or mold above a foreign body. 4 head no balance.

Seven, the spark indicator light

1 spark board breakdown. 2 pole sampling line. 3 oscillating barrel in a foreign body. 4 output current regulator is too large. 5 overload resistance.