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How To Improve The Rollers Spinning

General spinning cotton, Qian spinning roving can selection 70 degrees ~80 degrees rubber roll, spinning chemical fiber according to varieties, and yarn support of weight and quality requirements select rubber roll of hardness, for high yarn should partial soft master; and article spinning cotton General select 80 degrees around of rubber roll, out article speed high Shi can appropriate increased hardness; spinning chemical fiber and blended varieties Shi General select 85 degrees around rubber roll; fine comb Shi, separation rubber roll hardness General for 65 degrees ~70 degrees, oriented rubber roll 85 degrees, led stretch Qian one or two rubber roll General selection 65 degrees ~70 degrees, COTS selection after 85 degrees; when a high speed, selection of high-hardness rubber rollers, or when running at high speed are prone to deformation and fatigue, fever generate static electricity brought flowers, general speed high with 80 degrees ~85 degrees of cots. --Wei Junhu