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Introduction And Laminate Calender Calender Type

Calender smooth surface only by a number of hard roller and soft roller. Hard roll is a metal roll surface highly polished or engraved with dense parallel lines, often with heating apparatus; soft roll to roll or polyamide fiber plastic rolls. Fiber roll is fiber as raw materials under high pressure made of fiber materials are cotton roller, wool and linen paper roll paper roll. Nip rollers by a hard and soft roll consisting of said hard nip, rolled a temperature of 60 ~ 70 ℃, aqueous fabric of 5 to 10% is appropriate. After rolling a fabric yarns are flattened, surface smoothness, gloss enhancement, feel stiff, flat called calendering. The two soft roll nip formed called soft nip, rolled temperature is generally 40 ~ 60 ℃, after rolling a yarn fabric slightly flattened, shiny and soft, soft, soft calender is called. When using a multi-roll device, the use of soft, hard and pressure rolling different combinations of points, temperature, wear changes lead the way, get a different surface gloss. If the first fabric padding resin body early reduction and pre-drying tenter, to obtain a more durable gloss calender.
Also known as calendering calendering. Heavy leather finishing the last operation. The use of fiber plasticity under hot conditions will mix fabric surface rolled flat or rolled fine diagonal parallel to enhance the process of finishing the fabric shiny.
Procedure: Tilting calender or with sole leather rolling machine operation. Typically operate twice: the first pass is compacted leather body, conducted after the uniform wet, and then stacking the equilibrium moisture; the second time as calendering, calendering after heavy leather surface smooth and clean, tight leather body, that is to leather.
Calendering type
① ordinary calender: usually consists of a metal roll and a soft roll consisting of two two hard nips, after the fabric rolled up to the general requirements for gloss, wool roller can also be more than just soft and hard rolls were rolled combination.
② stack calendering: it has a multilayer fabric rolled in the same rolling point. Between layers of fabric mutual rubbing effect, make the fabric textured clear, soft, shiny and soft, commonly used in poplin fabric type calender. Device usually consists of 5 to 7 rolls composition. Wherein two hard rolls can be heated, rolled at room temperature to 50 ℃. The method of forming the first fabric is laminated by a conventional sequence of each roller nip between the fabric of the last nip, the cloth guide bracket back through again through the nip, so repeat 3-6 times, that is, between the nip there may be 3 to 6 layers of fabric.
③ friction calendering: equipment consists of a soft roller and two hard roller. Soft roll in the middle. The hard roll is highly polished friction roller and soft roller which points of friction. The following hard roll and a soft roll constituting the hard nips. First by the fabric and then the hard nip points of friction. Friction roller is a drive roller and a soft roller, but the surface is greater than the linear speed of the rubbing roller soft roll surface line speed, surface of the fabric by the friction generated significant gloss, crushed yarn, also significantly reduced by the gap, between the weft. Fabric and wire-speed surface friction roller speed ratio up to 4: 1, the commonly used ratio is 1.3 to 2.5: 1. The temperature of the rubbing roller is generally 100 ~ 120 ℃, the fabric is 10 to 15% water.
④ electro: ohmic heating roll fabric calendering called electro. Metal roll surface of such a device is engraved with 50 to 200 / cm diagonal thin dense, called electro-optic roll. Electro-optic roll and soft roll nip constitutes, at a temperature of 160 ~ 180 ℃ rolled, the fabric surface to form a very fine parallel lines, reflecting the pleasing sheen. Fine diagonal density and angle, and structure, the degree of twist yarn fabric, twist corresponding to cooperate in order to achieve good results.
⑤ local calender: the male pattern engraved pattern composed of steel rollers and soft roll nip in the hot rolled condition the fabric of local flat rolled or rolled slash rendering shiny pattern.