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Leather Embossing Machine Precautions In The Use Process

We all know Pidiao soft background wall now is becoming more and more popular, but we have no concern about the leather embossing machine, they process and matters needing attention in the use.

1, the upper and bottom of the machine (upper and lower) is not directly touch with, in which there must be insulation and work piece.

2, periodically check the extreme (mode) of the insulating material, if damaged, burned out, breakdown, must immediately replaced insulation, or if they continue to work, will produce a spark, unable to complete the process.

3, the machine must be fitted with a good grounding end (connected to the right ground).

4, the machine is very sensitive to moisture, dust, need to be placed in the appropriate working space.

5, the machine will produce a high heat, so it can not be placed in the machine will produce high heat, nor can it be used to direct solar radiation to the place, for the above reasons will affect the vacuum tube heat dissipation.

6, the machine will turn on the power, will hear the voice of the fan rotation (4KW, 5KW), this is the vacuum tube heat dissipation, if the fan fault, you must immediately repair, or will lead to vacuum tube damage.

7, used to do the work of the finished product, try not to have moisture, dust, because the object is easy to cause sparks.

8, the machine such as stopping for more than one hour, then turn on, the need to wait for 10-15 minutes, so that the vacuum tube preheating, protect the service life of the vacuum tube.

9, if the phenomenon of the frequent occurrence of sparks (in the upper and lower die together, the high output of the week) and not to check the maintenance, will lead to damage to the machine parts, affect the work.

10, when operation, when the leather embossing machine output, remember not touch on the output end (Ji Shangmo), nor to universal meter, meter or other low frequency and low voltage meter, trying to directly measured output end, this will lead to accidents.