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Lightning, Calendering And Embossing Calender Stack Finishing

Cotton fabric does not exhibit good gloss: The surface is not smooth, undulating yarns, surface cilia, it was to diffuse the light
By the action of mechanical pressure, temperature, humidity, by means of fiber plasticity, flatten the surface of the fabric, yarn squash, cilia press V to increase the fabric surface gloss and smoothness flatness.
Processing history long, simple processing technology, unique product style 

Belong to improve appearance of the fabric finishing machinery
Calendering, sparklers: shiny fabric-based promotion
Embossing: the fabric has an embossed three-dimensional effect
Just by machining, the effect is not lasting. Once washed into the water, and so shiny pattern will disappear. Such as joint working with resin finishing, durability can be obtained calendering, sparklers, embossed finishing.
(1) embossing finishing
Hard embossing roll surface is engraved with sun screen pattern, soft roll and hard roll is engraved with female pattern corresponding to the pattern, the two coincide with each other.
Divided ginning and emboss
Fabric through engraved with a corresponding pattern of hard and soft roll in the wet, heat, pressure, resulting in uneven patterns.
Light type, also known as embossing machine embossing machine, hard roll to roll printing with copper, soft roll nitrile rubber roll (active roller), when the hard embossing roll marking shallow, soft roll no obvious corresponding Yin Wen, when embossing pressure is also smaller, the degree of unevenness pattern generated on the fabric is also lighter, have a sense of hidden flower.
(2) finishing calendering
Mainly by overlapping calender rolls composition of hard and soft, the number of roller 2 to 10 range, according to the different finishing requirements, determine the number and arrangement of soft and hard rolls. Fabric wear around through the nip between the rollers, it can get hot pressed flat and shiny.
When the hard calender roll heating temperature of 80 ~ 110 ℃, the stronger the higher the temperature, gloss, cold rolling the fabric surface only smooth, not glossy.
After the wet fabric through to the flat web through the calender, the heat pressure effect, increase the fabric sheen, soft
Friction calender
Is the use of differential action when the line speed on the machine running the calender roll surface friction velocity and fabric.
On a three-roller friction calendering machine, calendering machine friction roller generally higher than the following two roller speeding 30% to 300% using the friction surface of the fabric finish, while the fabric is woven and not pressed into a hole (such as paper-like), can give a strong aurora fabric, fabric very smooth, feel stiff, similar to glossy paper, often referred to shine finishing. Fabric fabric calendering should control the water content of 10% to 15%.
(3) electro-optical sorting
Machine electro-optical surface is engraved with a hard steel roller and the other a certain angle and density of the diagonal line of flexible soft roller.
Internal hard roll may be heated, rolled fabric under heat and moisture certain conditions, the surface pressure of the fabric and neat parallel twill money, thus reflecting the incident light to generate rules for high gloss surfaces such as silky.
Electro-optical hard roller surface shaded density varies due to the thickness of the yarn, fine yarn fabric suitably greater density, 8 to 10 / mm diagonal is the most common.
Etched oblique line should be on the main surface of the fabric yarn twist to the same. After cross-satin fabric finishing more through electro-optical sorting.