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Overview Calender And Factors Affecting Quality?

What is a calender? Calendering is coated with varnish coating process at the head of the machine and two hot conducted. First printed in Popular polishing machine coated glazing
After the oil until dry and then through a stainless steel belt calender hot, cooled, stripped, so printed before constituting the specular reflection effect
As a result, to obtain high gloss.
Effect of calendering quality elements of what?
Secondary factors that influence the quality of the calender are: calendering temperature, pressure and machine speed
① calender temperature. Calendering proper temperature, the heat can make the paint film can add activities, and the dispersion rate of acceleration, beneficial
Tu guessed in print before the main agent for secondary wetting, adhesion and infiltration. In addition, the appropriate temperature make plastic paint films
Sexual advances, under the pressure of probation, before making smooth progress of the big proper temperature will help improve calender calender film quality
The amount, but the temperature and pressure of light and outlines factors affecting quality? Paper calender is too high or too low are not conducive to the calender. The temperature is too high, electric contact bimetal thermometer coating layer adhesion strength to land, and water content of paper flash
Reduce, not conducive to the light and peeling. Temperature is too low, the coating layer can not complete plastics, paint layer can not adhere well to the pressure plate light
And print profiles, calendering poor results, calendered film is not easy to constitute a high degree of lubricity.
② pressure. Pressure is the role of the coating layer is thinner tightening to constitute a layer of creamy before. But if the pressure is too large, will make India
Brush products extend, plasticity and toughness deteriorate, rendering easy peel hard scene.
③ speed. That pressure velocity when cured coatings in the calender. If the curing time is short (fast), Varnish with India
Brush goods before fulfillment of the ink can not, before the film after dry lubricants poor, layers of coating on the ink layer adhesion strength difference.

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