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Procedure Metal Leveler And Precautions

Editing rules
I. Procedure
⒈ before boot, check the hydraulic station hydraulic oil, gear box, gear box gear oil if fills.
⒉ before the main motor starts, examine and adjust the angle and carry out the hydraulic system pressure adjustment.
⒊ lubricant injection lubrication points, check the operation status of the mechanical transmission part to make it flexible transport means.
⒋ operator Wear PPE, shall undergo boot, string Kong.
⒌ after oil, hydraulic oil pressure became stable, the straightening rollers lift to the initial position.
⒍ by artificial feeding, fed through the steel pipe straightening roller straightening roller for the third clamping pressure.
⒎ start the main motor, steel rotating forward while being straightened.
⒏ motor stops, stop straightening straightening roller, straightening roller lift, straightening sent pipe.
⒐ To reverse the straightening can be reversed by operating the stage knob so that the host reversal, reverse straightening.
⒑ main motor is stopped, stop straightening roller straightening steel pipe is returned to the starting position, repeat until the next program instruction straightening.
After ⒒ down, shut the mains and can not change the program controller.
Second, note
⒈ careful observation of straight pipe to ensure pipe and straightening roller adjustment beginning three-quarters of the body when in contact, and to ensure that the gap is not greater than 0.1mm.
⒉ straightening speed is adjusted according to a reasonable degree of bending of the steel pipe and steel pipe material is coercive.
⒊ according to the material of the steel pipe, bending and precision required to adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers, ensure straightening reduction.
⒋ tube straightening process of straightening rollers and non-touch movement in the steel pipe, steel pipe surface quality and pay attention to prevent the pipe surface scratches and indentations produced.