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Resolution Mode Stack Calender Brief Calender

Differences laminate calender useful, universal calender roll since the display style differences. Differences tidy result, there are several secondary environment:
1. As can be conflict pressure laminate calender ray machines use only if the calender with the above three rolls.
2. Description of the calender for laminating calender resolution mode stack calendering. If the calender is equipped with a set of 610 sets of guide roller guide cloth rack;
3. The one-sided calendering is used in fabrics, medical bags if soft and hard calender rolls alternating display of words;
4. sided calendering is used, if there are two central calender is a soft roll adjacent display case;
Laminate calender stack up to 6 layers. Characteristics stack calendering nip is mutual influence between manipulating fabric, the fabric is called calender stack after stack calendering unified a rolling stop. Make the fabric attack ripple effect, in addition to the fabric can get a mild luster, but also the fabric has a soft feel and appearance of a clear pattern results.