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The Embossing Machine Application In Garment Industry

As is known to all, embossing machine widely in garment industry applications, but a lot of people for the clothing with process of embossing machine was not very clear. Following this problem do simple introduction.

A, water (Bang Jiang)

The so-called water slurry, water slurry, printed on the clothes feel is not strong, covering power is not strong, is only suitable for light colored fabrics printed on, flat in price, is a low-grade printing types. But it also has an advantage, because the comparison will not affect the original texture of the fabric, so it is more suitable for large area of printed pattern.

Two, mortar (water-based ink)

Mortar and its extensive application in a slurry of water after, because of its coverage is very good, the dark clothes can also be printed on any light and gloss and stereo feeling, make clothing looks more high-grade, so it can be rapid popularization, almost every piece of printing T will use it. But because it has a certain degree of hardness, so it is not suitable for large area field pattern, pattern of large area is best to use water slurry printing, and more decorative mortar, so that both can solve the problem that the large area of the hard latex, and prominent pattern of sense of hierarchy, and a method is a large area of the field patterns take time off, make a bad effect, but always wear a little Ying Ying, so it's best to water, mucilage combined with to solve the problem of large area printing better.

Three, thick paste (thermosetting ink or water-based glue plate)

Thick paste is originated from the mortar based on. It's like mucilage repeatedly printed many layers of same, it can reach a very neat three-dimensional effect, general process requirements are relatively high, so small a general printing factory is printed on good, and some even the technology is not, not to mention were printed, but it is popular in the current global printing technique! Generally suitable for the sport leisure type, pattern generally use numbers, letters, and geometric patterns, lines, and other, the lines should not be too young. Some people have a style of one's own to print the flower pattern in autumn and winter, leather or thick fabric.

Four, the Pearl clothing design

Plant is a relatively high demand for the process, and now only a handful of plants can do well, the general plant almost no such process.

Planting beads also called toothbrush flowers, finish like a root vertical toothbrush must be the same name, heard a flower to be printed for twenty or thirty times to print well, height of product can be reached 0.3 cm about, on top of it is bead like, can do other color on top, top with a single bead, it is also called planting beads.

Five, nylon pulp

Nylon pulp, is said to have a good tension nylon pulp, may be because of the nylon and generally less flexible and got its name, feel thin cool.

Six, hand drawn clothes

Printing and hand-painted effect is similar, but more agile and free, can be regarded as equivalent to paint on the clothes of Asian clothing this sentence is almost can be said clearly drawn, see some haute couture fabrics in the cloth market this year, I feel is drawing and hand process group together, and nail pearl, sold forty yuan per yard, but the operator is very few, before and a hand-painted worked, but the price is not very expensive, may be due to this reason, he now has gone hand is dry after the water insoluble acrylics, interested friends can own to the art store buy a box of his paintings on a ~ ~ before the general painting on T-shirts, jeans. It has been widely used in all kinds of fabric and chiffon, combined with this year's ethnic customs, the other with a charm!

Seven, ink (ink or ink)

Ink at first glance, and mortar is not a big difference, but paste printed on glossy fabric than wind material, poor color fastness, with nails energetically scraping can be scraped off, but the ink can overcome this drawback. So, when do the coat ink for printing, general.