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What Is Called Universal Calender Calender

When laminated fabric calender, the first to wear around the calender rolls week after the cloth guide roller frame, and then repeated wear around each calender roll, repeat wear around 5 to 6 times, to wear around the more layers, tidy up into the fabric feel more rigid. Wear cloth in the form shown in Figure 9-12. Such approach to secondary bleaching linen class, even dyed goods tidy. Called the calender stack after stack is the same fabric of rolling stop calendering, lamination of up to up to six layers. Characteristics stack calendering is nip mutual interaction between the application fabric, make the fabric ripple effects occur, unless the fabric can lose luster gentle, but also make the fabric store is a hard feel and appearance of clear signs, performance contrived.
    ④ if with a group of 6 to 10 sets of guide roller guide cloth frame, is used to laminate calender.
    ③ If only the above three rolls, you can use as a conflict calender.
    ② If there are two middle but soft roll adjacent display is used for double-sided calendering.
    ① If the soft and hard rolls alternately display, is used on one side calendered fabric.

General calender: five-roll calender over that is called universal calender. Since the display is not the same in the form of roll, with no electricity use, electricity tidy performance is not the same, there are an inferior race, how many secondary status.