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Which Processes Embossing Roller Production Needs?

For embossing roller is no stranger to us, but you know how the embossing roll is produced out of it? Here by the embossing roll good professional manufacturer Sanko help introduce you to the embossing roll manufacturing process should note the following ten:
1, cutting: roll body seamless steel pipe, round steel shaft 45, the end plate Q235 steel, by drawing aside 8mm size allowance cut material.
2, Turning: Turning the matching portion of the roller body, end plate and shaft and other parts of the joint surface, according to H9 / f9 with precision machining.
3, a combination of embossing roller body welding ribs, shaft ends and other parts, pay attention to the correction shaft ends and inner sleeve coaxial, only welding the inner end plate shaft.
4, the combination of welding complete package within the roller body, with the junction of the calender combination welding the inner end plate and the roller body.
5. The outer end plate mounted on the bonding surface at the junction of the shaft ends, the outer end plate welded to the shaft and the roll body.
6, welding combination roller blank annealing treatment to eliminate internal stress.
7, one end of the car flat end surface embossing rollers, standard drilling center hole.
8. Turning: sub-rough, finishing all parts of the roll body of drawings to size. Surface roughness of the work roll should be less than 1.6μm; work roll face ends of the shaft support surface (Rolling installation parts) radial tolerance of 0.025mm; roundness roll body face is 0.036mm; bearing with round by k6 precision machining, center frame and frame, facing, drilling to size.
9, the pressing roller flower pattern processing requirements patterns. Then hard chrome plating layer thickness of 0.03 ~ 0.05mm.
10, the correction of the embossing roll static balance.