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Why Paper Embossing Roller Roller Surface Will Appear Peeling Phenomenon

Burning paper embossing roll spalling problem. Most of the spalling and six types of mill operation and burning paper embossing roll use improper: if excessive amount of rolling, roll changing period is too long, burning paper embossing roller repair insufficient, impact load, burning paper embossing roller working surface pressure distribution uneven, rolling downtime caused by burning paper embossing and internal uneven distribution of temperature, thermal shock grinding etc..

Burning paper embossing roll in the running process of periodic surface heating and cooling will lead to changes in temperature, resulting in significant periods of stress. Fatigue stress and surface heating, when the thermal stresses that exceed the fatigue limit of the material, burning paper embossing roller surface produced fine meshy hot crack, that is commonly referred to as the cracking.

In the process of rolling strip rolling, rolling tail, scratch paper embossing roller, can also form a new source of crack. Also replace the burning paper embossing roll, especially on upstream stands burning paper embossing roll, most of the roll surface crack was found in the should be in burning paper embossing and grinding are removed. Such as burning embossing roller grinding is not enough, crack down on the use of the next time, these will become the core of the fatigue crack.

Burning paper embossing roller surface crack, surface crack, in the work should be caused by the cooling force and force, residual stress and oxidation, the crack tip stress increased dramatically and more than the material allowable stress towards the inside burning paper embossing roller is extended. When the crack develops into a certain angle with the roll surface and even to the direction of the roll plane parallel to the direction of the crack, the crack is caused by the crack.